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WFF is created by Students and University of Westminster. Our talents are:


PR and Social Media Team


Mariam Houssaini (PR Team Manager)

Alex Brinnand (PR Coordinator)

Nia Mdinaradze (PR Coordinator & Interviewer)

Ethan Do (PR Coordinator, Website Admin)

Jun Chen (FB Admin)

Yu Sun (FB Admin)

Zimu Jia (Twitter Admin)

Jeffery Wong (Videomaker, Editor)

Yaxue Ke (Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo Admin)


Video Production Team


Herries Anderton (Director, Producer, Editor)

Nedim Bajraktarevic (Director, Producer, Editor)

Alejandra Zelonka (Director, Producer, Editor)

Connor Hamilton (WFF Idents Creator)


Technical Support


Jordn Bastian (Projectionist, Lighting Designer)

Martin Jensen (Projectionist, Lighting Designer)

Tom Beale (Technical Assistant)

Diego Benalcazar (Sound Director)

Matthew Brown (Assistant Sound Director)

Ronald Kohn (Sound Supervisor)

Charlie Katedza (Assistant Sound Supervisor)




Zara Kershaw (Singer, Songwriter)

Wojtek (DJ Czarny) Blachowiak

Emmanuel Nwamadi (Singer, Songwriter)

Peter Hylle (Guitar)

Tally Spear (Singer, Guitar)

Claudia Heidegger​ (Singer, Guitar)


Show Hosts & Performers


Samuel Haskell (Opening Ceremony Host)

Rianne Gordon (Opening Ceremony Host)

Harry Matthew Dodd (Closing Ceremony Host)

Ena Bilobrk (Closing Ceremony Host)

Liam McGrane (Drama Society)

Darcie Thompson-Fields (Drama Society)

Nedim Bajraktarevic (Football Freestyler)


WFF Theme Composer - Andy Mastroddi, Music Composer




Adrian Bolog (Head Designer)

Cecilia Mari (WFF Logo)

Andreea Sticlea (WFF Posters)




Amy Ordinaire​ (Opening Ceremony Assistant)​

Andreea Sticlea​ (Q&A Presenter, ​Designer)

Dom Duong​ (Guest Reception​, Donations)

Nadina Dron​ (Guest Reception​, Category Presenter)

Pamela Sposito​ (Q&A Presenter​, Information)

Ruheena Husein​ (Bar Coordinator)​

Sintia Fanea​ (Guest Reception Coordinator)​

Raluca Mihaela Todor​ (Parties Coordinator)​

Maria Panayiotou​ (Guest Reception)​

Emilie Dubois​ (Volunteers Coordinator)​

Carol Velez​ (Volunteers Coordinator)​

Sun Wen Ai Sin​ (Guest Reception)​

Shanice Harrison​ (Bar Coordinator)​

Francesca Lamacchi​ (Guest Reception)​

Frances Dumlao​ (Guest Reception)​


We received a ​generous ​support from​ ​University of Westminster


Deputy VC Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas

PA Simone Gachette

Regents Street Cinema Project:

Lynda Knill, Interim Manager of Development

Rosemary Simm, Development Co-ordinator


MAD School


Kerstin May, MAD School Dean

PA Susie Farrell

Andrew Golding​, Head of Film & Photography Department​​

Yokow Abadoo, Front of House Supervisor

Josie O'Neill​, Timetable & Room Bookings Manager​

Timothy Carter, Technician Team Leader

Aidan McCarthy,​ ​Sound Technician (Film & TV)

Craig Harvey, Studio Manager


Music Department


Colm O'Rourke, Studio Manager

Hussein Boon, Music Lecturer


Photography Department


Steven Moore, Print Technology Technician

Dave Freeman, Photography Technician


Students' Union


Ash Chakraborty,​ ​Commerical & Fundraising​ ​Manager

Rob Tidey,​ ​Venue and​ ​Events​ ​Manager


​and many-many others!​

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